1. My name is Valentino S. Pascua IV.

2. Kevan (Keh-Van) was a name given by my grandmom to distinguish me from my dad and two older brothers, for they were also named “Valentino.”

3. I was born in the 90’s.

4. I’m currently 23 y/o.

5. I was born & raised in the Philippines.

6. I am multilingual.

7. I used to be very studious. I was the class Valedictorian in a private Christian school in elementary, then I went to a science oriented curriculum National high school. A year ago, I graduated with my AA degree in UH-LCC with a 4.0+ cumulative GPA (with honors, dean’s list, & ptk) while taking prerequisite classes for Nursing. I ranked 97th percentile nationally for my ATI TEAS. However, I am confused with what I really want to do. #collegecrisis #lifecrisis

8. In HIGH SCHOOL, I used to be a cheerleader, a member of a multi awarded choir, an officer of the student body organization (politics), qualifier for science & math competitions, and active for camps and seminars in divisional, regional, & national levels. THAT WAS BASICALLY MY LIFE.

9. I play the piano, organ, guitar, and flute. (Maybe more… Haha! )

10. I’ve stopped drinking SODA sinceΒ  I was 14 y/o.

11. For those who really know me, I love clothes. I used to dress up differently to impress in high school especially on events. (I TRIED to be different. HAHA!)

12. I used to be fair-skinned. However, I prefer to be tanned now.

13. I don’t hold grudges to people. I forgive, but I can’t easily forget.

14. One of my pet peeves is when someone throws trash on the ground.

15. More often than not, I tend to doubt myself. I keep missing so many opportunities, because I am too scared to get out from my comfort zone.

16. I love to write. I used to keep a personal journal, but it’s just a blog now. I also love to sing and dance. (Contemporary)

17. I am a CNA, a licensed Zumba instructor, and a college student.

18. When I was younger, I love to watch the fashion channel. Haha.

19. Some of my actions are unpredictable, and it always depends on the situation.

20. Twenty isn’t enough. Thus, I still remain mysterious to some people; albeit I am too active in social networks.

21. I do not like debbie downers; those who have nothing good to say. I am pretty sure they do not have perfect lives either.

22. More to come..

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