Dear fellow trooper,

Someone’s current LOWEST disposition shouldn’t be judged, for nobody really knows the battle he/she is fighting; what some people fail to see is that your WORST is just temporary. The BETTER version of you as a person has still yet to come, for one has to face some kind of a struggle in order to grow. Make efforts to attain progress in your own phase, no matter how big or small, slow or fast, promise yourself to be strong all throughout the storm. Ignore what others say, for this is your journey and not theirs. The moment that everything falls back into place, your BEST version will be beautiful. From there, you’ll know your self worth that will set the standards of what you deserve. Always be thankful, for GOD has put you into difficult situations that will surely make sense someday.
Good morning y’all! πŸ™πŸ’ͺ

-Valentino Kevan Pascua IV
aka “Ezekiel” (God strengthens him)

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#iWRITE #mysoulspeaks

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